Are you interested in renovating your home but worried you can’t afford it? Are you looking to purchase a home but everything you find just needs a little updating?


Then you’re in the right place! Mr Renovation is a leading industry expert and experienced professional in the art of helping people accomplish the renovations of their dreams. There are many different programs available and my goal is to help you find the best fit for you without all the hassle. I can help you find the perfect renovation program for your unique profile based on your renovation project. Don’t hesitate to contact Mr Renovation with any questions!

Renovation Loans Offered

Fannie Mae HomeStyle

This loan program offered by Fannie Mae is great for current and prospective home buyers. It also works with Investors; second homes and it can be used on a wide range of projects.

Freddie Mac CHOICERenovation

Freddie Mac offers this program to both current and prospective home buyers. It can cover a wide range of projects and property types. This is an especially great program for properties that have been damaged by storms or are prone to storm damage.

FHA 203(K)

Contrary to popular belief, this loan is available for both first time home buyers and current homeowners. It is a program that has helped many people accomplish renovations they never thought they could finance!

Construction To Permanent

This program allows you to purchase land and build the home of your dreams all-in-one loan with low down payments available based on the program selected.

VA (Veterans Affairs)

This is an incredible program that is only offered to veterans. It is very flexible and is combined with a VA mortgage as well.